National Trust, Neptune Coastal Campaign

Over the past 50 years, the people-powered Neptune Coastline Campaign has enabled the National Trust to buy 574 miles of glorious coastline; securing these special places for all to enjoy. Today we look after 780 miles of coastline around England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Hundreds of thousands of people have donated to our coastal appeals or supported our work on the coast, so future generations can enjoy this beautiful, dramatic and diverse landscape.

We go to the coast to play, to relax and to connect with the natural world and the elements. Days at the seaside or walks along coastal cliffs are deeply engrained in our collective memory, and we need to cherish them.


Dear Mr Badham,

 I hope you’re well. 

 I’ve attached a poster with the wording you gave to my colleague Jen 

 If there’s anything else you need, please do let me know.

 Thank you again for your kind support, we really appreciate it. I hope your show goes well – it would be lovely to hear about.

 With very best wishes,